Our Service

Castan, Inc. was a small family owned business serving the Seattle/Tacoma area. We offered drayage service in and out of the Port of Seattle and the Port of Tacoma. Our mission to serve our customers to the best of our ability. We handle all of our moves in house and pride ourselves in taking care of our customers and our team members.

We are environmentally conscious at Castan and switched our entire fleet to LNG trucks.

Providing Service For 41 Years

Our Story

Castan trucking was born out of a need to make extra money for Co-founder Darth Castan’s college education. in 1980, Darth and his father Robert (Bob) Castan bought their first truck, a used log truck, and began hauling for hire as independent contractors. Not long after that, they bought a second truck and began hauling containers, which is still the primary focus of the business. As demand for more hauls continued to increase, the Castan fleet continued to grow. Darth never went back to college, instead, he traded his 1977 Chevy Corvette for 2 additional trucks.

Castan has always been a family business. Darth’s mother Anne E. Castan was a major part of the startup as well helping with administration and bookkeeping. Michelle C. Blasko (Darth’s sister) also join the family business when she overheard a rumor that Darth had let his girlfriend drive his Log truck. She insisted that he and Bob teach her to drive too. Michelle was one of the first women to haul containers in and out of the Seattle Port and drove for Castan for several years.

Which way did they go George?

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